GOTS organic fabricGOTS

We produce ORGANIC KNITWEAR on the basis of the ICEA protocol in compliance with GOTS international rules.

  1. textile industry uses chemicals which cause a million of cases of poisoning among workers. Producing organic fabrics means reducing the above risks.
  2. Producing organic fabrics means eliminating environmental risks: in the cotton cultivation there has been an in increasing care as for the use of pesticides and insecticides
  3. The textile sector uses a huge amount of water to fix colours, eliminate impurities etc...: producing organic fabrics means using wisely this precious resource.
  4. Producing organic fabrics means less pollution and waste prevention: installation of plants for water treatment and better care in treating solid waste
  5. Better social justice: producing organic fabrics means better attention for the working conditions, safeguarding of rights, ban of juvenile working, safety in the working environment etc...

Organic dye

We have selected dyes and synthetic dyes and we have carried out strict tests in order to obtain a dye with a reduced environment impact and also resistant to washing, light, sweat and rubbing.
Our organic fabrics are GOTS certified.

First, the ICEA/GOTS mark attests that a textile product has been obtained from natural fibres from organic growing and that all the processes have been carried out on the basis of the manufacturing protocol, furthermore:

it has been produced in compliance with the CEE Regulations 2092/91; ICEA/GOTS mark also attests that a textile product hasn’t undergone any chlorine whitening as for dying and printing, in particular it doesn’t have any chemicals containing heavy metals like nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt.

Finally the certification allows to check which raw materials have been used and which processing steps have been carried out for the manufacturing of the final product.


Items Height cm. Peso in Gr. al mtl.
Rasato leggero 165/170 230/250
Rasato pesante 165/170 230/250
Felpa leggera 170/175 320/340
Felpa pesante 200/205 650/670
Maglia unita 150/160 290/310
Maglia unita scarto d'ago 130/135 130/150
Piquet leggero 150/170 200/205
Piquet pesante 170/180 290/310
Interlock 150/155 270/290
Jersey 145/150 100/120
  • Customers can require garments in different colours and fabrics.