Hypoallergenic fabric

VIS Consortium produces dyed HYPOALLERGENIC KNITTED FABRICS on the basis of its manufacturing protocol; the raw material is 100% cotton from organic farming and the dyes after being carefully selected have been tested at the Dermatology Clinic at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia.

All the laboratory tests have been carried out on 200 voluntary patients under treatment at the Dermatology Clinic at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia: it is worth mentioning that the Dermatology clinic is accredited in Italy and all over Europe.
All the tests had negative results therefore the VIS Consortium obtained the HYPOALLERGENICY CERTIFICATION for its dyed fabrics


Prevention is vital:

  1. the objective of the primary prevention is to eliminate the onset of contact dermatitis on a population of healthy people in the working and non-working environment
  2. the objective of the secondary prevention is to avoid that people suffering from contact dermatitis run into relapses or chronicity of disease.

Cooperation between textile industry and Dermatology Clinic is vital for the manufacturing of clothes which can prevent allergic reactions on healthy people as well as on the allergic ones.
In particular the availability of hypoallergenic clothes for children could represent an important way of prevention mostly for those having a genetic or individual tendency to allergies. On the other hand, allergic kids or adults who already suffer from allergy can have the opportunity to recover and no risk of relapses if they have at their disposal fabrics which don’t contain allergogenic substances.


Items Height cm. Peso in Gr. al mtl.
Rasato leggero 165/170 230/250
Rasato pesante 165/170 230/250
Felpa leggera 170/175 320/340
Felpa pesante 200/205 650/670
Maglia unita 150/160 290/310
Maglia unita scarto d'ago 130/135 130/150
Piquet leggero 150/170 200/205
Piquet pesante 170/180 290/310
Interlock 150/155 270/290
Jersey 145/150 100/120
  • Customers can require garments in different colours and fabrics.