Terminology of the textile field

There are several terms which refer to health, well-being and environment.

The same terms are used also in the textile field but they are often misused.

Wrong information creates confusion and does a disservice to the customer.

We feel bound to provide the consumer with the right information about the terminology in order to widen his/her knowledge and to make him/her buy the article he/she really needs.



This term is often found on the clothes labels, it points out that the article has been manufactured on the basis of procedures which can reduce the risks for allergies.
Usually it is a formula which doesn't contain preservatives, dyes, nickel and alcool.

It is important to emphasize that hypoallergenic refers to products that are not antiallergenic but just don't cause any side effects.Any human body can develop allergies that can be caused by any kind of product. It can also happen that the body becomes allergic even to a product that has always been completely harmless.


Substance that doesn't cause allergy. Actually any substance can cause allergy in fact anybody can become hypersensitive to anything.Therefore there isn't any substance that can be defined antiallergenic. The correct term is HYPOALLERGENIC.


Peculiar to nature, according to nature, which comes from nature.


Interested in preserving the environment, in eliminating anything that could upset the ecological balance.


It refers to a trend of technological and industrial development that takes into account the environment mostly when it is matter of exploitation of resources and of manufacturing procedures.


Products obtained from organic farming, they don't contain residues from pesticides and/or chemicals dangerous for the environment.